Main Roads Western Australia currently has installed a network of 23 cameras around the Perth Metropolitan Area. There are plans to increase this number to 100+ cameras over the next few years. These cameras are used to monitor traffic flows and to handle traffic problems that may arise on a daily basis.

As a community service, traffic images are captured and made available to the public through this web site. We hope that this service may help you to avoid the inconvenience of being caught in congested traffic.

The TraffiCam web site was designed and developed using Active Server Pages (ASP), server-side VBScript, client-side JavaScript and dynamic HTML. The application uses a SQL Server database which is accessed via Active Data Objects (ADO).

Images are transferred to the Web Server using an FTP service developed in C++.

This site is best viewed with IE v4 or greater, or Netscape v4 or greater.

Please set your monitor to minimum 800 x 600 resolution at true colour.

Sometimes the clarity of the image depends upon the position of the sun and the brightness levels at the camera site .

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